Eating Too Much Good Food

These days you can’t walk into a grocery store without noticing how just about every product has a starburst on its label extolling the health benefits of the food.

With the diet trend focusing more on healthy eating, these "announcements" can easily sway an unsuspecting grocery shopper. There are two things you have to consider when buying foods with starburst-ed proclamations of goodness.

First, there’s the issue of duplicity. As the one who’ll consume the supposedly healthy food, make sure that what you’re buying is for real and not some junk food pretending to be healthy.

Next, there’s the issue of over consumption. Admit it or not, people consume more food with a starburst declaration of its health benefits than if regular food were served.

Eating a 100-calorie snack is okay. But studies have shown that dieters eat too man of these 100-calorie snacks per day, and thus wasting everything they’ve worked for. A case of having to much of a "good" thing.

What this tells us is that it’s not the food that destroys your diet; it’s the amount that you consume that ruins it. It’s all up to you to control your guilty pleasures.


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