Dining Out: Dieting On a Date

Sticking to your diet can be difficult when you’re out on a date, especially if your date or your boyfriend is a foodie. Luckily, there are ways to continue your diet without offending your date.

The 80-20 rule

This rule basically means, what you do most (80%) of the time is what’s going to pull through for you. A once-a-week (20%) day of pizza and beer or something fancier won’t put everything you worked hard for to waste. Not if you act on it most of the time. You’re “day-off” will probably will set you back a step or two, but it won’t take you all the way back to the starting line.

Eat before your date

Simple put, if you eat before your go out, you’re a lot less likely to eat a lot during your date. Also, it’s a bad idea to skip meals (on the day of your date or anytime for that matter) because it will trigger your body to think that it’s starving and go into emergency mode.

The fat-storage enzymes are prepped to do damage control. When you finally grab a bite, you are more likely to overeat which trips the body to release high levels of insulin and kick the fat-storing enzymes into high gear. The key is to eat modest amounts of food and eat healthy meals throughout the day.

The one hour rule

Developed by the Hellers in their Carbohydrate Addicts program, this rule supposedly created to do damage control. This rule requires you to eat your whole meal within a single hour of starting – from the soup and so on. The one hour rule works keeping the insulin levels by in check.

The Hellers also suggest starting your meals with a salad then dividing the rest of your meal into equal parts protein, veggies and carbs (starch or sugar). The right combination of these three keeps the total effect on the blood sugar at a healthy level. Ivillage recommends eating the carbs last to get the best effect.

Establishing healthy eating habits

When you’re stressed, you’re likely to overeat, and dating can be a stressful activity to both men and women. The situation can trip you into overeating. You can avoid experiencing this scenario by having an established healthy eating routine. It will take so much more than a case of dating anxiety to sway you from your routine – not when it’s already second nature to you.

He probably isn’t paying that much attention

If you think he’s paying close attention, there’s a great chances that he might not be. He may be just as nervous as you are over this date. And he’s probably too busy trying to come up with things to talk about or activities to keep you entertained. Or his mind may be occupied by last night’s game. Actually, if you nod and answer at the right spots, he won’t notice you hardly ate a bite.


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