Choosing Ice Cream Alternatives

Ice CreamTrying to lose weight doesn’t have to be dull most of the time. The reason why some people find it hard to follow a weight loss program is because they seem to miss some of the tasteful pleasures that they once enjoyed like desserts which most weight loss programs try to avoid. But this doesn’t have to be the case since there are now a lot of non-fattening alternatives available that people on a weight loss program can continue to enjoy.

Light Ice Cream

Light ice cream is one alternative that people can choose as a dessert that will help satisfy their cravings for such sweet and delicious fare now and then. Light ice cream is a diet-friendly alternative that taste not only like ordinary ice cream but is also made available in a variety of flavors. What’s important is that it doesn’t cause you to pile up on the pound when you are trying to lose weight.

Light Versus Regular Ice Cream

The main difference with light ice cream is found on its fat content and calorie count. Regular ice cream usually contains around 300 calories per half cup. With cravings for something sweet, some people do not end up just eating that. They usually eat up more. Light ice cream can be enjoyed and satisfy the cravings for half the calories of those in regular ice cream.

The reason why light ice cream may have fewer calories than regular ice cream is mainly based on how it is made. Light ice cream is made using a method called cold churning which is also known as double or slow churning. This method of making ice cream allows milk fat to thoroughly spread out . The churning process kneads the fat molecules, stretches and then spread them evenly in the mixture. This process makes it possible to create ice cream with fewer calories but retain a similar texture of regular ice cream.

Reduced Fat Ice Cream

When choosing a diet friendly ice cream, it is important to know the difference. There may be some ice cream varieties that may be labeled having reduced fat. Usually, these varieties may contain only 25 percent less fat compared to regular ice cream. Low fat ice cream on the other hand contains the lowest calorie count and usually contains three grams of fat per serving.


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