Bone-Building Foods

milkWe need calcium and vitamin D to build strong bones. The RDI of calcium for men and women (from age 25 to 65) is 1,000 mg, while the RDI of calcium is 200 to 400 IU.

To get meet your daily calcium and vitamin D needs, include the following foods in your diet:

Low-fat milk

A cup of low-fat milk contains 290 mg of calcium and 127 IU of vitamin D. Other dairy products such as yogurt and cheese are also good sources of calcium and vitamin.

Sesame products

Sesame seeds are also a good source of calcium. ¼ cup of sesame seeds contains 351 mg calcium. 2 tablespoons of ground sesame seeds called tahini (a paste which can be used to make sauces) contain 126 mg of calcium.

Cod liver oil

It’s not very appetizing, but at least a teaspoon contains 450 IU of vitamin D. Just mix it on your salad or take it in tablet form.


Now you know why Popeye love’s spinach. A cup of cooked spinach packs 245 mg of calcium.


Sardines are as packed in bone-building nutrients as its well, packaging. Just one provides 250 IU of vitamin D and 351 mg of calcium.


Tofu is not just a vegetarian’s substitute for meat (protein source). It contains plenty of calcium as well. a half cup contains 861 mg calcium.

Soy milk

Soy milk is rich in both calcium and vitamin D. Edensoy Extra Vanilla contains 200 mg of calcium and 40 IU of vitamin D. A cup of fortified soy milk contains 400 mg of calcium, and 120 IU of vitamin D.

Source: fitsugar

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