8 Foods to Avoid

A healthy diet does not restrict the foods you are required to eat, but just as long as they are nutritious and beneficial to your body and health.  There are many foods that you actually need to avoid and stay away from to keep you and your family at risk of obesity and other diseases.

Cheese fries 

One order of fastfood-quality cheese fries has op to 2,900 calories, way beyond your daily caloric intake.  It also contains 182 grams of fat and hardly any nutritional value.

Fried desserts 

Donuts, churros, deep-fried Snickers and any other fried desserts are another bad idea to partake in.  Donuts, for instance, has about 40 percent of unhealthy trans fat.


A can of soda has about 10 teaspoons of sugar, 150 calories, and loaded with artificial flavors.


Although it is okay not to avoid popcorn as it is, but you need to avoid large consumptions of it.  A large serving of movie theater popcorn has more than 1,000 calories, and you are more likely to eat two buckets at that.

Bacon cheeseburger 

A serving of this fast food contains more than 1,100 calories and 85 grams of dangerous fat.

"White" foods 

White bread, crackers, and any other processed carbohydrates have been on the nutritionist’s no-no list for years now.  White flour, the main component of such foods, has almost the same amount of sugar as sugar itself.

Ramen noodles 

A serving of quick-cook noodles contains 780 grams of sodium and a lot of carbs to boot.

Large amounts of coffee 

The "tall" servings of sugary coffee can contain up to 700 calories in some brands.

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