Soy Beans in the Diet

soybeanVegetables and plant foods are generally perceived as a group of foods that bring great health benefits. These food groups is also among those that are commonly included when one thinks, or plans, of imbibing healthy eating habits and leading a non-sedentary lifestyle.

The diet trend, now, has put the focal point on soy beans.

Soy is a food that is rich in protein; soy foods are rich in vitamin and minerals in the likes of foliate, potassium, fiber, calcium, and iron, too. Both foods are popular alternatives for vegetarians. Health junkies, on the other hand, also invest much on these foods because these are known to reduce risks of coronary heart disease and osteoporosis.

Further, food products with soy may also lower blood pressure, bring greater elasticity to artery walls, and protect against certain cancers such as those of the breast, colon, prostate and skin. The question now is, are soy beans and soy products also going to be effective for weight watchers?

In addition to the vitamins and minerals that soy and soy foods contain, it is also free from cholesterol and lactose: two of the stuffs that weight watchers try to avoid. In this sense, yes, the soy may indeed create miracles for those who are watching their weight, but soy beans are not without negative effects. In fact, some people might even say that the potential for harm of soybeans may outweigh its positive effects.

For starters, soy beans contain phytates, or the acid that blocks the body’s absorption of essential vitamins and minerals. Also, soybeans contain potent enzyme-inhibitors, which is the culprit behind the body’s inability to digest protein. Finally, soy beans also contain hemagglutinin, which causes the red blood cells to clump together, thus straining a person’s cardiac health.

With all these facts in tow, we may say that the soybean diet can be quite advantageous to our health, but snacking on this food alone may not be a good idea. The thing for you to do, whether you are a vegetarian, a health junkie, or a weight watcher, is this: Consume a healthy amount of soy beans and top it with other healthy foods that would aid your health and well-being, and you’ll surely get the health benefits that you are aiming for.


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