Healthy Way to Prepare Potatoes

Potatoes are a staple crop in many countries around the world, and for a lot of people it is their primary source for carbohydrates. However, some health guides suggest to stay away from the tater because its high carbohydrate and low protein contents contribute in weight gain.

Others even claim that potatoes are generally unhealthy, which is totally false as potatoes are also a good source of vitamins, minerals, and fiber. In reality, potatoes are good for our bodies as long as they are prepared in a healthy manner.

Keep the skin on

Majority of the fiber content found in potatoes are located on its skin. This is why you should never peel potatoes when cooking them.

Boiled potatoes

Generally, boiling is one of the healthiest cooking methods as there are no added calories and it uses little or even no oil at all. However, it also strips away the nutrients you would get from potatoes. If you are planning to boil potatoes before eating them, try drinking the broth as well.

Baked potatoes

Another great cooking method for potatoes is to bake them. Baked potatoes lets you eat one whole potato with skin on, but keep the portions to a minimum and try not to add too much toppings. A medium plain baked potato has about 150 calories, and is also added with high-calorie and high-fat toppings like butter, sour cream, or gravy.

Alternative toppings

To make a healthy potato salad or baked potato, replace the unhealthy toppings with low-fat alternatives. For instance, serve boiled potatoes with salsa or some vegetables. You could also make mashed potatoes using low-fat sour cream, skim milk, and chives.

Never eat french fries

There are several reason why you should never eat french fries. For one, it is coated with extra fat as it was deep fried in oil. Also, fried potatoes (even potato chips) may contain acrylamide, a toxic substance that forms in starchy foods when they are processed or cooked at high temperatues.

According to studies, acrylamide may cause cancer but it is not exactly known what amount of exposure is considered dangerous to humans. However, if you still prefer having a hot potato, try microwaving it.

Avoid "green" potatoes

You may have noticed some potatoes in supermarkets that have this strange green tint to them. It is actually clorophyll caused by the potatoes’ exposure to sun as it was growing in the fields.

Chlorophyll is harmless, but the potatoes’ exposure to light also causes for the potatoes to develop a higher level of solanine, a bitter-tasting chemical that is found to increase arthritis type pain. This is why you should not buy potatoes with a green tint, as well as storing your crops in a dry and dark place.

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