Health Benefits of Raspberries

raspberriesRaspberries, more than any other fruits and vegetables, are incredibly nutritious. Considering their size, they are a rich source of phytochemicals, minerals, fibers, and vitamins that provide a long list of health benefits. Whether fresh, frozen, or canned, raspberries remain delicious and nutritious.

Strong immune system

Eating raspberries may strengthen your immune system. Raspberries are rich in minerals needed in the development of strong connective tissues. They are loaded with phytonutrients that support the immune system to guard against the attack of bad micro-organisms.

Raspberries are a good source of fiber, manganese, magnesium, copper, riboflavin, Vitamin C, and Vitamin B2. They are also rich in other B vitamins like Vitamin B6, folic acid, niacin, and pantothenic acid. Nutritionists have found that a cup of raspberries contains 64 calories

Disease prevention

While raspberries can’t cure all diseases, they contain many substances thought to prevent a good number of diseases. Flavonoids, primarily anthocyanins, are powerful antioxidants that strengthens your immune system to ward off disease. The anthocyanins have antimicrobial properties as well – it can prevent the overgrowth of some fungi and bacteria in the body like Candida.

Other nutrients found in raspberries include kaempferol, quercetin, and cyanidin-based molecules (cyanidin-3-rutinoside and cyanidin-3-glucosylrutinoside). Raspberries are also rich in cancer-fighting phytochemicals like ferulic, ellagic, and coumaric acid. They also contain a substance that helps prevent bladder infections.

Researchers have also identified several compounds in raspberries, which may significantly help in reducing the risk of having heart diseases. Although there’s still no definitive study on this, many researchers suggest that raspberries can help prevent cancer and cardiovascular diseases.

Healthy vision and skin

Raspberries contain a compound called lutein, which is responsible for healthy vision. This compound promotes healthy eyes by reducing macular degeneration risks. Lutein also provides nutritional support to your and skin. Many studies have suggested that this compound provides supplemental antioxidant capacity to your skin and helps fight free radical damage.

Include raspberries to your diet to reap these health benefits. You can eat them just as they are. If you want, you can top raspberries with a blob of light-whipped tripping. You may also want to add the fruit to your cereal, mix it into vanilla yogurt, sprinkle it on a salad, or combine it with low-fat milk and banana. Check the label carefully when you buy frozen raspberries to ensure that there’s no added sugar.


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