Health Benefits of Garlic

garlicSome people love eating foods with garlic because its flavor tastes great and gives out a different kick to our food choices. Aside from the fact that garlic is a great additive to add spice to our foods, it also has benefits that have been pronounced for as long as any of us can remember.

How garlic can be used?

Modern science has proven that garlic can be used as:

  • an antibiotic
  • a natural mosquito repellent
  • an antioxidant
  • an aid for common colds and flu
  • an effective way to manage high cholesterol levels

In spite of the fact that garlic has been used over time as an antidote for numerous illnesses and ailments, it is important to note that garlic is very strong so the possibility of having allergies to it is a distinct possibility. It can also cause skin irritation and may damage our digestive tract.

Natural or supplement? 

Some people take in garlic supplements to get the health benefits of garlic without risking the possibility of having bad breath. In such cases, be sure to check the ingredients before deciding to take garlic supplements vis-a-vis the real garlic.

But regardless of whether you take in natural garlic, or garlic that is already processed and preserved, some of its properties remain and it will help us attain a healthy diet and lifestyle. 

Weighing the advantages and the possible disadvantages of garlic, we should keep in mind that despite the fact that the use of garlic has been very efficient, it should also be taken cautiously and in moderation.



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