Getting Kids to Eat Vegetables

kids eat veggiesMany kids do not seem to like the taste of vegetables, which is why it is so hard to feed veggies to your children.  And most of the time, if they do eat vegetables, they do not finish them.  It is important for your children to realize the importance and benefits of eating vegetables. Here are some tips to have your children realize they can be "cool" even when it comes to eating veggies.

Give the vegetables cool names

In a recent study funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, children ate twice as many carrots when they were called "X-Ray Vision Carrots" compared to when the vegetable was introduced as just carrots.  Researchers say having a creative name for food makes it more fun for kids, They continue to eating more, even when parents have stopped using the names.

Try "sneaking in" vegetables

Some parents would try to fool their children into eating vegetables by adding purees to spaghetti sauce, meatloaf, or other dishes where they least expected.  Instead of feeling guilty that you are "lying" to your kids by not telling them about the dish’s vegetable content, rather think of it as cooking for dishes that are a little healthier

However, some parents believe that you have to tell your children that you have included hidden vegetables in your food so the children will be aware about making better food choices when they grow up. 

Set yourself as an example

If you want your child to eat vegetables, you need to be a veggie eater yourself.  Snack on some carrots or cook vegetable stir-fry for dinner.

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