Eating Watercress Can Kill Cancer Cells

watercressWatercress is an aquatic leafy vegetable that is proven to be one of the best food types against cancer. It is said to contain high amounts of iron, calcium, and Vitamin C.

Specifically, the best thing about this veggie is the fact that it has phytonutrients that can reduce the chances of developing cancer.

What makes watercress an anti-cancer vegetable?

Just like any other cruciferous vegetable, watercress is known to decrease the number of cancer cells within the body or hinder their growth. This has been proven by researchers from Watercress Alliance in the UK.

According to the study, participants who are known to have had cancer were given an 85-gram serving of watercress daily. The result was a decrease in the damage to their white blood cells at approximately 22 percent.

Further, it increased the amounts of antioxidants in the body. This eliminates the free radicals that are known to destroy cells within the blood.

Watercress for anti-cancer dieters

Those who are into anti-cancer diets have to know what other foods aside from the watercress can reduce the chances of having cancer. This is so that they can combine the anti-cancer properties also found in them.

Herbal supplements like the watercress can be even far more effective than chemotherapy in treating cancer. That is, despite the claims of several scientists who believes otherwise.

Nutrients found in watercress

  • lutein
  • beta-carotene
  • vitamins A and C
  • folate
  • calcium
  • iron

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