Does Juice Fit Into a Diet?

juiceIt has been a frequently asked question among people on a diet about the effect what they are drinking. Based on several research many people drink their calories more than their actual solid food intake. There are drinks for instance that is high in sugar and calories like Soda and Beer.

One also has to be really careful with their fluid intake even with Juice. People tend to drink too much juice because they assume that is it a healthy choice and can even be a replacement for their daily water intake. Be reminded that Juice is indeed healthy yet one must not overindulge into it and more importantly, not all juice is good.

There are Two Rules in fitting juice into your daily diet. First, only drink 100% fruit juice and Second adults should only drink 16 ounces or two cups of juice a day. There are many Juice drink with the labels like ‘fruit cocktail,’ ‘fruit punch,’ and ‘fruit drink.’

These types of juice drink with such labels are ones that we have to really careful as it indicates that is not 100% fruit juice and contains sugar and other artificial flavorings. The two cups of juice a day however does not apply in all cases as some may have illnesses wherein they are advised not to have some at all. Nevertheless, the two cups of juice a day is the general guideline applicable to people who has fit, steady healthy body.

Aside from having fruit juices you might want to indulge more into whole fruits. It is in the sense that whole fruits offers more fiber than plain juice. High in fiber food makes one feel full for a long time as it takes time before it can be digested not to mention the satisfaction one gets while chewing it.


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