Foods That Can Raise Your Cholesterol Levels


Eating healthy means that you need to watch out for foods that you need to avoid. Quality matters just as much as quantity. For those who wish to take care of their heart, avoiding foods that raise cholesterol levels is a must. Here is some of the high-cholesterol foods that you need to avoid.

Refined Carbohydrates

Refined carbohydrates are usually processed carbs stripped of fiber. They become simple carbohydrates that the body breaks down similar to sugar. This can result in inflammation and a rise in LDL or bad cholesterol. Common examples of food that contain refined carbs include white rice, white bread, pasta, and breakfast cereals. Try to avoid or limit consumption of these types of food in order to prevent your bad cholesterol levels from rising.

Drinking Soda

People who are looking to manage their cholesterol levels should always bear in mind that saturated fat is not just the sole culprit. It turns out that sugar is even worse when it comes to increasing cholesterol levels. Foods high in sugar such as sodas and other sweetened beverages can drive up your bad LDL cholesterol as well asĀ  your triglyceride levels. What is even worse, drinking too much soda can also drive your good cholesterol levels down, further increasing overall heart disease risk.

Coconut Oil

While coconut oil is popularly marketed as a healthy alternative, there are some studies indicating that it can raise up total cholesterol levels. This means it can boost up both good and bad cholesterol levels. One culprit seen is that coconut oil has high saturated fat content. While it does offer certain benefits, don’t just replace your healthier vegetable oils with coconut oil just yet.



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