Foods And Medicines That You Should Not Take Together

There are many medicines to help treat many health conditions. But care should be taken at all times when taking medicines. Some medicines can come with side effects that could be a nuisance as well as a concern for those taking it. This goes with some foods. There are foods that counteract the effects of some types of medicines. Here are some food and medicine combinations that you should avoid.

Statins And Grapefruit

Consuming grapefruit and taking a class of medication called statins is not a good idea. Statins can help lower your cholesterol levels and reduce heart disease risk. With many people taking statins to help keep their heart in good shape, they should be aware that they should not be taking it together with grapefruit. This fruit contains compounds that can prevent the liver’s ability to remove the remaining statins in the body. This can result in the statins staying in the body longer than normal. With the gradual buildup of statins in the body, people are in an increased risk of liver damage, muscle breakdown, and even kidney failure.

Milk And Antibiotics

When you are taking antibiotics, make sure that you avoid consuming milk or other dairy products such as cheese and yogurt. These calcium-rich foods can interfere with some antibiotic medications. They can bind with the calcium in milk and form an insoluble compound in the stomach. The body is unable to absorb this compound, which then greatly affects how the antibiotic will work.

Alcohol And Stimulants

People taking medication should always be wary about drinking alcohol while taking stimulants. The danger lies in the fact that alcohol is considered as a depressant. It works the opposite of stimulant medications. Drinking alcohol will reduce the effects of stimulants, causing people to take more and more than the recommended dosage. This can increase the risk of overdose. On the other hand, taking stimulants will also reduce the effects of intoxication caused by alcohol, which can lead people to drink more and more. This can increase the risk of alcohol poisoning.



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