Farmed Salmon vs Wild Salmon

salmonIt does matter if you are eating a Farm raised Salmon or a Wild Salmon. 98% of the salmon consumed in the country are in fact raised in farm so most people does not really care if they are eating something that has been raised in a farm or in the wild. Farm raised salmon develops more fat compare to wild salmon because it is has a small place to go around to and also because it is privileged with a lot of food to eat.

Salmons no matter how healthy they are for the heart may also be dangerous because of the chemicals found in their system because of what it eats and the extra fats that the possess because if was raised in a farm. 

Few people know that farmed salmon contains Polychlorinated Biphenyls or PCBs as well as mercury which are types of chemicals that these creatures get due to the food that they are being fed which may be very harmful to our health. Due to these findings everyone is advised to eat wild salmon as much as possible. And the next time that you will have salmon please consider the following healthy helpful guidelines.

  • It is best to prefer having wild salmon rather than farm raised ones.
  • Grill or broil the fish so to reduce fat
  • Take away any visible fats as the PCB concentration is greater in those area.
  • Eat salmon as a part of a balanced diet.






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