Eating Canned Food Found To Increase BPA Levels In People

While eating food products coming in cans are quite convenient especially in today’s fast-paced lifestyle, it may not be as healthy as eating fresh food products. Although this might already be common knowledge with all the preservatives and other chemicals found in canned foods, another research may add one other reason to this. A new study has discovered that eating canned food on a regular basis can raise the levels of bisphenol A (BPA) in an individual’s urine sample more than what was previously thought.

A study conducted by researchers from the Harvard School of Public Health has discovered that volunteers who ate one can of soup per day for five days had BPA levels in their urine rise at an astounding 1,221 percent as compared to people who ate freshly made soup for the same number of days. The study results were published in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

Bisphenol A or BPA is an organic compound used to make polycarbonate plastic as well as epoxy resins. It is usually found in canned foods as a byproduct of compounds used to prevent the cans from corrosion. Unfortunately, BPA is also known as a compound that mimics the effects of the human hormone estrogen. It is also considered as an endocrine disruptor. Studies have shown that it can have several harmful effects in the body, including interfering with reproductive development in humans as well as increase the risk of diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

The study involved 75 volunteers composed of students and staff of the Harvard School of Public Health. One group consumed a single 12-ounce serving of canned vegetable soup a day for five days. This was then followed up by eating a same sized portion of freshly made soup a day for another 5 days. The other group was made to do it the other way around- eat the same daily portion of freshly made soup for five days, followed by a two day washout and then eating one canned soup daily for five days.

At the end of the study period, the results showed the same thing for both groups- the BPA levels in the urine samples were 1,221 percent higher after five days of eating canned soup compared to their urine samples at the end of eating freshly made soup.

According to Karin Michels, senior author of the study, “The magnitude of the rise in urinary BPA we observed after just one serving of soup was unexpected and may be of concern among individuals who regularly consume foods from cans or drink several canned beverages daily. It may be advisable for manufacturers to consider eliminating BPA from can linings.”

Source: Medical News Today


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