Common Foods And The Health Risks They Pose

The E. coli outbreak in Europe has certainly become big news. Experts there might be suspecting some kind of vegetable produce to be the primary cause of the said outbreak. This just goes to show that even vegetables may offer some health risks to people if they are not prepared well. Here are some other common foods that might also pose as health risks to those who might be caught unaware.

Eggs And Egg Products

The common egg may also be considered as possible health risks. They can be a primary cause of food poisoning if they are not prepared properly. Eating raw eggs or leaving cooked eggs out in the open at improper temperatures can cause pathogens to grow into them that may cause food poisoning. A particular culprit that forms in eggs is Salmonella that infects the hens ovaries and contaminates the eggs even before the shell is formed. Cooking eggs thoroughly is the best means to kill the pathogens and prevent food poisoning.

Leafy Green Vegetables

Even vegetables can pose a food risk if they are not prepared properly before eating. Green leafy vegetables like lettuce, cabbage, spinach and kale may cause food poisoning if they are contaminated with pathogens like E. coli, Salmonella and Norovirus. The contamination can come right from the farm it may be harvested via contact with manure, wild animals, contaminated water or unsanitary farming practices. One way to avoid the risks is by washing raw vegetables thoroughly before serving. Avoid preparing them near chicken or meat which can also be another means of contamination.


Tuna might also pose a health risk since they might contain mercury. But not only that, tuna may also cause allergic reactions because of a histamine-like chemical known as Scombrotoxin. This chemical forms in large,meaty fish varieties like tuna are not adequately refrigerated before eating. Once the chemical forms, it can no longer be destroyed by freezing or cooking. In order to avoid this, tuna should be kept in the freezer from the time it is bought up until it is to be cooked.


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