Most Fattening Foods of Summer

sorbetSummer is fast approaching and it seems that people should expect some changes in their diet. As summer brings in more days spent on the outdoors, people might be in for some outdoor barbecues, frequent outings with friends and family as well as being invited to a lot of pool parties. With all these activities in store for the summer, it can only mean one thing- more fattening food.

Summer’s fattening food is indeed making its way into your diet. Too bad for people taking good care of watching their own diets and on some weight management program. Summer might not just be the time to let loose, especially with all the tempting fattening foods that may be served. It does not matter that summer also brings in lots of activities that may help in burning those extra calories.

But most often than not, overindulgence in the many of summer’s fattening treats may become quite a challenge for most people. In order for people to try to keep watch over their diet even through the summer, having a list of summer’s fattening food may be able to help in some ways to still keep portion limits and avoidance (if possible) in order to maintain and still manage a healthy weight.

Barbecue Meats

The favorite summer fare for most people, barbecues may not only be fun, it can also be quite fattening. These high-calorie summer treats can easily put a dent into any weight management and maintenance program easily. Aside from total avoidance, you can still enjoy some of this treats as long as you maintain a limit on portion sizes. Choose lean cuts such as pork tenderloin and skinless chicken breast for barbecues. Try to stay away from meat with visible marbling (fat) or those delectable ribs to avoid gaining weight.

Hot Dogs and Sausages

Another favorite summer treat, hot dogs and sausages contain calories that are mostly derived from fat. Aside from that, their high sodium content might also be something worth considering if you are into effectively managing your weight. Try to refrain from making them as summer’s regular fare in your home. They can instead be best enjoyed while watching a baseball game with the family.

Sweet Thirst Quenching Drinks

Summer also brings in the heat. People would be feeling thirsty more often than before. Quenching that thirst may also become a fattening problem if you don’t watch what drink you try to quench it with. Along with summer, cold sodas, beer and sweet juice drinks may sound quite an inviting treat to relieve that thirst.

Those milkshakes may also become more tempting. But watch out, they can also pile up calories in no time. Better try to limit those portions or consider drinking the regular or lite versions of your favorite drink. To quench your thirst, better stick with ice-cold water so as to stay away from weight gain.

Frozen Treats

Ice cream comes in different enticing flavors and treats to help you get some relief from the heat of summer. But such summer treats are also quite fattening. Regular consumption may lead to considerable weight gain in no time. Apart from avoiding these frozen treats totally during the summer, you can instead choose savoring the less fattening options.

There is the sorbet, light ice cream, fudge bars, sherbet, fruit bars and other frozen treats that may just be as enjoyable but with less calories to contend with.


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