Full-Fat Cheese: A Tasty, Healthy Option?

cheeseConventional advice from the so-called health experts claim that loading up your meals with certain dairy products is a surefire way to jeopardize your health. According to them, full-fat cheese is at the top of the list of those foods which would surely trigger health problems later on, thus, it is best to stay away from this product. The experts do the math, so to speak; they count the fats, the cholesterol, and what-not. Their verdict: Full-fat cheese is taboo!

But the question is… Is it really bad for your health?

Contrary to common belief, the combination of protein and fat in full-fat cheese may actually do wonders for your diet. Results of new studies show that full-fat cheese is very filling.

As a result, eating full-fat cheese will help keep you off from foods for a longer period of time. Moreover, Danish scientists also discovered that eating full-fat cheese would not cause the cholesterol levels to escalate to alarming heights.

Due to the new information at hand, we are encouraging you to sate on your palates with the other full-fat cheese products that you will definitely love, without you feeling as guilty as you used to:


Roncal is a dairy product that comes from sheep’s milk. It is a chewable cheese with a uniques, nutty flavor. It pairs well with many types of wine.


Comté is a French cheese which is made from unpasteurized cow’s milk. Its texture is relatively hard and flexible; its taste slightly sweet and nutty.


Robiola is a mixed milk cheese but its main ingredient is goat’s milk. This Italian cheese is soft and is as creamy as butter. It is a delicious alternative to the good-ole’ Cheez Whiz.


Sainte-Maure is a cheese that is often used as a salad enhancer. It is a soft cheese that originated from goat’s milk. It is known to make any salad taste better.

Montgomery’s Cheddar

Montgomery’s Cheddar is authentic cheddar cheese. It has a buttermilk kick to it.

Bayley Hazen Blue

Bayley Hazen Blue, also known as the dessert cheese, is a blue cheese which has a taste that is often likened to chocolate.

Hoja Santa

Hoja Santa is a creamy goat cheese from Texas. It is best consumed when served with white wine.


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