What's in Your Coffee Drink

coffeeStudies say that coffee contains more antioxidants than red wine and even green tea. But before you being trouping to the local Starbucks, you need to realize the following health information about your favorite brewed beverage.

Coffee has small amount of oils – Ever noticed why your cup of black coffee has some traces of oil on top? Do not be surprised, as coffee beans have oils in it. This is why baristas would clean their espresso machines to prevent any oily build-up. However, if brewed ground coffee sits for too long, its oil becomes rancid.

Coffee has virtually little calories – An 8-ounce cup of brewed coffee has only 2 calories, merely coming from tiny amounts of protein and some mono-unsaturated oils. However, these two calories only come from black coffee, meaning it does not have a tinge of additive. Meanwhile, a cup of instant coffee only has 4 calories.

It is the additives that make your coffee high in calories – If you are not used to the bitter taste of caffeine, you tend to add several ingredients to sweeten your coffee drink. Coffee shops have a lot of additives you can choose from: sugar, syrups, milk, whipped cream, and even chocolate. These ingredients aimed at sweetening your coffee drink also add a lot of calories in the process. For instance, the 2 calories in brewed coffee becomes 130 calories in a cup of cappuccino in McDonald’s. It’s like you are actually buying sweetened milk rather than coffee.

Even "non-fat" additives add calories to your coffee – Others opt to add non-dairy creamer or fat-free milk in their coffee, but they still add calories to your hot beverage. For example, a teaspoon of hazelnut-flavored creamer adds 45 calories to your coffee.

The larger the frappe is, the more milk you get – If you are planning to buy a venti-sized frappuccino for the benefits of coffee, don’t. You’re likely to get more milk in a larger the drink. You see, espresso added to your frappe only has minimal amount of water, so two espresso shots make up only less than 3 ounces in a 16-ounce glass. That means 13 ounces consist of milk (even less depending on how much foam tops the drink).

Want to drink coffee the healthy way? Your best option is the Americano, which only consists of espresso and water.

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