Health Benefits of Green Tea in Your Diet

green teaGreen tea has been known and used in Asia for thousands of years. Its influence started when the Emperor Shen Nung of China first discovered its authentic smell and taste. Today, green tea has established itself as a drink that does not only taste and smell good but also something that is healthy and essential towards all its patron worldwide.

Research shows that tea has a mouthful number of health benefits. Several studies show that tea is a very good antioxidant. Tea can act as the body’s anti-inflammatory. It also reduces cholesterol and blood lipids, improve the blood vessel’s function, treat skin diseases, delay the onset of Alzheimer’s disease, and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Green tea is believed to be very much useful in loosing weight. Tea promotes thermogenic effect which helps the body in burning fats. It is also due to this effect that several dietary pills and weight loss supplements use the green tea extract. It is then recommended for people on diet to include drinking tea on their food management. And with regard to the pills and supplements it is still at all times best to consult your doctors first.


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