Health Benefits of Drinking Coffee

coffeeCoffee is probably the all-time favorite beverage in many parts of the world. Coffee is a choice beverage for many people worldwide. You can see it anywhere in all its different forms. Although you might have heard a lot of bad press about coffee drinking when it comes to your health, not all may seem that true. In fact, coffee drinking turns out to be quite beneficial.

Benefits of Coffee

Coffee actually offers certain benefits health wise, thanks to new research. Coffee is commonly known to make you stay alert. But new research suggests that coffee may also provide other benefits.

Scientists found out that coffee may help fight skin cancer, reduce the risks of developing Alzheimer’s disease as well as boost you metabolism. These benefits are available in drinking coffee. But like any other food, moderation and care should be practices for it to be quite beneficial. Here are some healthy tips of enjoying your coffee.

Be aware of what you mix with coffee.

A cup of coffee would not matter much in the weight gain department. But you may also have to watch what you drink especially if you mix something with your coffee. A cup of coffee alone contains only 5 calories. But add in a single dose of mocha syrup and you add about 25 calories to it.

A generous dose could add in as much as 78 calories to your cup of Joes. Be careful of what you try to add into your coffee to make sure that you don’t consider them a cause of your weigh gain especially if you drink coffee regularly.

Choose medium roast if you are not sure.

Medium roast coffee seems to be the best choice when it comes to having the most benefits. Medium roast coffee per cup contains the richest mix of antioxidants.

Regular Coffee Over Espresso

Espresso may seem to be what most people might prefer drinking. The downside to it is that espresso may raise your cholesterol levels. If you wish to drink coffee to stay alert, an espresso won’t do since it may contain less caffeine that the ordinary cup of coffee. You would be better off choosing the regular cup of coffee if you are looking for the benefits you expect.


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