Common Reasons For Overeating

One of the important factors of an effective weight loss program is following a strict well-balanced diet. This also includes learning how to control your eating habits. The challenge comes when people have the tendency to overeat. There are many reasons why people tend to overeat. Here are some of the common ones that you need to consider.

Mistaking thirst for hunger

Oftentimes people commonly mistake thirst for hunger. Instead of drinking water to quench their thirst, they tend to eat something in hopes of satisfying what they think is an empty stomach. Next time you seem to feel something in your stomach similar to hunger, try to drink a glass of water first to see if it goes away. If it does, then you are just thirsty. You also have avoided another instance where you might end up overeating.

Lack of sleep

Another common reason that people may overeat is due to lack of sleep. Insufficient sleep can have an effective on your body, one of them is messing up the production of your hunger hormones like ghrelin. When this hormone is produced, you start feeling hungry. Sleep loss also affects the production of the hormone leptin, which makes you feel full. When you have the habit of losing on sleep, the effect of these hormones will result in overeating.

Mindless eating

Another reason you might end up overeating is by not being more mindful of when or what you eat. Sometimes when you are under a deadline or a stressful day, you may not be aware that you may be eating your more than you need in a day. It may be a snack or something to relieve some of the stress of your day. Over time, it may become the uncounted calories that you have eaten that will result in extra weight gain. Try to be mindful of how you react to stress and make sure that you try to avoid eating as a common coping mechanism for it.



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