Eating High-Fiber Foods

wheat branMost people know that fiber is good for their body but not all people actually follow up with what they believe in their minds. So the food industry has gone a step further to help more people reach their daily fiber intake by packaging foods that have fiber in them.

If you take a stroll in the bread aisle of your favorite supermarket, you will most probably see one or more "fiber-enriched" bread types stationed. You will most definitely see different types of bread that are available to you now compared to five years ago.

Today, there are more choices and better foods out there so be sure to get your lion’s share of your fiber by choosing these foods. Here are some reasons how you could choose more foods with fiber in them and where you will find them.

You should be able to have at least 4-5 servings of whole grain breads during the course of your day. Cereals as well as other grain products that are similar to them are also acceptable.

Try to switch to eating breads and/or rolls which are made from whole wheat, dark rye, wheat bran, pumpernickel and mixed grains. These are excellent sources of fiber and will do you a mountain of good when you include them in your regular diet.

If you’re looking for whole wheat alternatives to your normal breads, be sure to choose the flour tortilla ones and wheat bagels for a fiber-enriched carbo-loading session.

If cereals is your favorite be sure to eat ones which contain wheat bran or oat bran. If you can’t find them that much, just be sure to regularly eat them if not more often than the normal cereals.

Muffins are allowed if they’re bran, whole-grain or oatmeal muffins.

Be sure to check each food’s package label and choose those which are high in fiber. Be sure to get those which have more than 4 grams of fiber per serving. You’ll definitely feel fuller faster and you’ll be able to get enough fiber if you make it a regular part of your diet.

Finally, the best and brightest advice that anyone could offer you regarding fiber is to get at least 5 servings of vegetables and fruits each day.

You may choose from pears, green peas, sweet potatoes and brussel sprouts as your sources of fiber. These will get you through the day by making you fuller and giving you less time to worry about your fiber intake.

So if you’re ready to shape up and start eating your fiber, then start your own checklist and head off to the supermarket to grab a hold of these fiber-rich foods.

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