Are you Carb Sensitive?

cannelloniMany people these days are suffering from Carb Sensitivity. Their bodies are getting fatter and fatter despite the fact that they do not eat much and end up totally cutting off from eating anything with carbohydrates as it will only makes matters worse for them.

Carb or Carbohydrate Sensitivity refers to the body state wherein it can no longer burn fats efficiently making the moderate to low-glycemic and complex carbohydrates be stored as fats in the body. Some people do not gain much weight although they do not work out or exercise much as they eat just the right amount of food.

But the case of a Carb Sensitive is different as they tend to gain weight despite that reality that they are not really eating much because the way their body burn fat tend to be slower than it used to burn fat as before.

Symptoms of Carb Sensitivity

  • Often craving for carbohydrates
  • Overweight, obese and is struggling in loosing weight
  • Suffering from bouts of depression, compulsive overeating
  • Hormonally challenged
  • Yearns for more protein and carbohydrates
  • Negatively reacts after eating sugar (mental sluggish response, groggy, tired)

When suffering from the said symptoms it is advise for you to check with your doctor for a better medication. Exercise and diet is also recommended as well as cutting down or rather exterminating the carbohydrate intake in your body.


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