Worst Things to Eat at The Movies

movie pop cornIt has been a ‘culture’ for us movie goers to purchase ‘movie house’ foods whenever we go out and hit the movie theater. We tend to be so excited with what we might see in the big screen that we do not think about the action pack horror that the movie house food we are munching may affect our health and how we look like. Kindly review the following food details and think about it the next time you glance to the refreshment section or counter.

Large Pretzel with Nacho Cheese 3 oz.

643 Calories
3, 068 mg of Sodium
14 grams of Fat (3 grams of saturated, 4 grams of trans fat)

Cherry Coke 44 oz.

572 Calories
No Fat
154 Sugar

Snicker Popables 5 oz for 46 pieces

692 Calories
33 grams of Fat (14.6 grams saturated)
73 grams Sugars

Whoppers 5 oz. Box

676 Calories
24 grams Fat (20.3 grams saturated)
88 grams Sugars

Large Popcorn

1, 283 Calories
78 grams of Fat (49 grams saturated)
1, 850 mg Sodium


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