Ways of Saving on Calories

Effective dieting is mainly about saving on the calories that you consume everyday. Following a diet can help. But for those who may not be able to follow certain diets for long periods of time, certain diet tweaks can help them save up on their calorie intake and may help them even lose weight.

Yogurt For Mayo

Whenever you eat something with mayonnaise in it, you might consider using yogurt instead. It can be a good substitute if you are making tuna salad. Half a cup of yogurt has more or less around 75 calories while half a cup of mayo has about 450 calories.

Substitute Salsa Over Salad Dressings

If you are considering lowering the calorie count on your salads, you might consider substituting salad dressings, especially when eating out. Most salad dressings at restaurants can add up around 300 to 500 calories. If you substitute salsa for such dressings, you may be able to save up on calories since half a cup would only amount to around 35 calories with almost no fat.

Drink More Water

A good substitute to have on drinks to considerably lower your caloric intake is plain water. It is easy for many people to forget that drinks and beverages also account for quite a good amount of the daily caloric intake. A bottle of regular soda can have as much as 200 calories. Simply substituting plain water would easily erase as much calories on your diet since water has almost zero calories. Drinking more of water would even benefit your body more.

Use A Steamer

Having a steamer at home to cook from may also help you save up on the calories that you eat daily. It can help you avoid frying your food which can considerably add up the caloric content in food aside from adding up some fat. Steam up some vegetables and even meat and rice instead of frying them. Steaming would also help preserve their fresh flavor when you eat them aside from staying away from the fat that comes added with frying.


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