Eating Breakfast Helps Weight Loss

cerealsMornings are the most important part of one’s day because it is where you refuel and get all of your energy. However, mornings do not necessarily mean that you have to put on the breakfast pounds. On the contrary, there are a lot of people who need to start eating breakfast and being active in the morning. Not a morning person?

Well, be prepared to be if you plan on shedding those extra pounds you want to get rid of. Here are some morning suggestions for you so that you’ll end up shaving off pounds over your lifetime. Be careful to consider the different activities here and start small and slow. Then you can build up on adding the more difficult tasks in the future when you’re accustomed.

One of the first things you can do when you wake up is to do some light workout. The first time you open your eyes, try to sit up slowly without using your hands. With your legs straight out, try to lean forward until you start to feel a slight and gentle stretch in your back as well as hamstrings.

This is where you want to be in the next two seconds; then using your abdominal muscles, slowly lower yourself to your lying position. Be sure to repeat this at least two more times. This will eventually strengthen your core and it is sure to shave off approximately ten (10) calories every time you do it.

The next part of your morning should be your breakfast. If you’re not ready to eat fiber cereal in the morning, try to sprinkle just a few tablespoons of wheat germ or oat bran on your cereal or oatmeal. Try to work up at least 3/4 cup of low sugar, whole-grain cereal whenever you can with at least three grams of fiber per serving. Make sure you try this out and you’ll notice that you’ll end up passing on that muffin later on in the middle of the morning. Doing this will take off 100 calories off your regular diet.

After you’ve had your fill of fiber, try to get in some protein in your breakfast by adding a hard-boiled egg or maybe part-skim mozzarella cheese stick. These will keep you feeling full and far away from that pre-lunch chocolate bar that you always seem to "accidentally eat" during mid-morning. This will keep you from taking as much as 200 calories.

So there you go. These are just a few of your calorie-busting tips that will eventually help you reach that desired weight of yours. If you’re already eating right and eating breakfast then by changing some of your breakfast options, you’ll be able to take out some excess calories that you end up eating in the day.

Be sure to always be conscious of your choices because in the end, they will catch up with you. Just remind yourself that you only need to make small and slow changes for you to be able to end up losing weight. Stick to whatever good you’re doing and be patient.


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