Body Mass Index for Teens

One of the things that a growing teen, whether a boy or girl, likes to ask is that if he or she has the right weight. That is, of course, considering their age. And one of the things that will help them out with this is by knowing their body mass index or BMI.

The BMI allows them to calculate the body fat that a person has through his or her height and weight. This means that it is possible for them to know whether the weight they are in is considered healthy considering their height.

Puberty and growth

For growing teens out there, not all of them have the same body as they grow older. This comes most particularly in terms of puberty. Both boys and girls experience physical changes in their bodies. With the help of growth hormones.

The changes their body experiences continue for the stretch of years. An average individual is expected to grow for as high as 10 inches within puberty. That is, before the individual reaches his or her maximum adult height.

In this time, their bodies tend to gain more weight quickly. This is due to the amounts of fat, muscle and bone that their bodies gain overtime. As long as there are on the right proportion, all these are considered fine.

In fact, kids experience such development at an early age of eight. However, others have theirs developed not until they reach the age of fourteen or so. And considering kids’ weight, everyone may have different weights though they may be of the same age and height.

Knowing body fat through the use of the BMI

The use of the BMI helps people, or teens, to identify how much body fat they have in their body by using their weight and height as their basis. In other words, to have their BMI measured all they need are the measurements of their heights and weights.

When calculating a person’s BMI, the measurements of their heights and their weights plotted down in a chart. However, knowing the BMI for teens is more complicated than that of adults because of puberty.

How does it helps teens to stay healthy?

Through the BMI, one may know if a teen is overweight or underweight. Moreover, it helps them identify if there are any chances for them to develop health problems, like heart diseases. That is because if a teen is overweight, there is a high chance for them to be overweight as an adult.

But it is best that you consult a doctor first if you think you are too skinny for your height or otherwise. That is because, you may just find out that you have a normal BMI. In this case, your doctor may also give you recommendations regarding your diet and exercise if he thinks that you are either underweight or overweight.


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