Heavyweight Yoga

A certified yoga instructor in Austin, Texas, has been making waves in the fitness circuit not only because she teaches this stretching and balancing exercise to people of all shapes and sizes, but also because she is obese herself. 

Abby Lentz, who is in her 60s, has recently released her DVD entitled "Heavyweight Yoga," which is designed for people with excess weight and bulges to get rid of the usual stereotypes that yoga is just for the lean and thin.   Inspired from the Kripalu Yoga, Lentz modified some of the poses in order to fully achieve the stretching and twisting demanded in yoga with the body that you already have. 

The DVD contains over two hours of in-depth instruction as Lentz motivates and inspires you to be aware of your own body and accept for what it is.  The program does not push you into taking a new eating plan, nor follow it up with aerobic exercise, nor even promises you that you lose weight.  What Heavyweight Yoga can do to you, however, is enabling to practice yoga more comfortably-even for those who are bed bound-while using common household items from towels to books. 

One problem encountered by heavy people while practicing yoga, as Lentz observed, is how difficult it is to come down to the mat if you are standing.  She teaches you in the DVD, in great detail, how you could do so safely and carefully with the help of a chair.

As for the yoga routine itself, Heavyweight Yoga is done in a slower and gentler pace, which is great for beginners.  She also teaches helpful tidbits of information for heavy-set yogis, which you would never hear if you are listening through a traditional yoga DVD.  For example, Lentz mentions in the routine that putting your feet at "hip-width distance" does not literally mean that you have to spread them as wide as your hips, rather to as wide as your actual hip bones, bringing them closer together.

In another example, the traditional seated forward fold in Heavyweight Yoga requires you to stretch your legs to the side instead of forward into a position she calls "the belly well."  This makes room for your tummy bulge and enables you to stretch your upper body further forward.

Heavyweight Yoga has not only been featured in local TV, but also included Fitness magazine’s "Fit 50" list of fitness tips, trends, and trendsetters.  The DVD is available in Lentz’s website, HeartfeltYoga.com, as well as on Amazon.

Image source: HeartfeltYoga.com 

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