5 Ways to Stay on Track with Yoga

yogaEverything India has never been so hot, especially after the monumental success of Slumdog Millionaire at the recent Oscars. While everybody is doing the upbeat Bollywood dance, you decide to take on yoga. You know it is a simple workout program that is easy to learn. You know it will soothe your soul while working out your body. You also know very well that this program strengthens your cardiovascular system, stretches and tones your muscles, and improves your mental fitness.

You have read a lot about the health and fitness benefits of yoga. But are you ready for it? Your hectic schedule is not a secret. So how are you going to squeeze in time for yoga? Read on to know five ways to stay on track with yoga.

Do it in chunks

If time does not permit you to do a 30-minute yoga in one session, then break it down. You can try a 15-minute workout after you wake up in the morning and another 15 minutes before going to bed. Or how about three 10-minute yoga sessions to break up a long and painstaking task?

Find the time that suits you

Many people are more successful doing yoga early in the morning before the day’s events and activities pull them down. On the other hand, people do their workout after school or work to wind down. Find the time that suits your energy level and schedule best.

Find a yoga buddy

One way to stay focused is to do your yoga workout with a buddy. This way, you will be more likely to practice yoga. You and your friend can also evaluate each other’s yoga poses for form. You can also compare tips on exercise habits and healthy eating.

Consistency is crucial

You will maximize the benefits of yoga if you do it consistently. A yoga workout once every month may ease some stress, but if you want to increase your flexibility and enhance your stamina, do it more regularly. Four times weekly is ideal.

Set some goals

However, you might find the same routines every week monotonous. Setting some goals may help you stay on track. You may want to include power yoga in your routine to have a better cardiovascular exercise. Perhaps, if you have always attended yoga class, you may want to start doing it on the comfort of your own at home. Whatever your goal is, make sure that you give some reward to yourself when you achieve it.

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