Understanding Common Injuries

exercise injuryCommon injuries can happen to anyone not too careful. The body may be strong, but they can also fall risk to injuries in certain situations. Different injuries can affect muscles, bones, joints as well as your tendons and ligaments. Here is a better understanding of injuries and how you can deal with them.

Injury Causes

There are many types of instances where an injury can be caused. One of the most common would be while doing strenuous physical activity such as exercise and playing in contact sports. There are injuries that can happen in an instant such as during excessive impact or collisions.

The resulting injury is what is called a traumatic injury. There are also certain types of injuries that happen gradually over time. People may not have any idea of the injury until such time that certain symptoms already come out.

Intrinsic Injury Risk Factors

Injuries can either be a result of intrinsic or extrinsic factors or even both. Intrinsic factors are those that occur as a result of personal physical conditions.

Extrinsic factors are those that occur from outside sources. Intrinsic risk factors of injuries include such things as muscle weakness or imbalance, uneven leg proportion, poor flexibility, and weight issues.

Extrinsic Injury Risk Factors

Extrinsic risk factors contribute to the development of injuries from an outside source. This means that certain factors other than those from the physical condition of an individual may aid in causing certain injuries.

One of the examples of extrinsic risk factors includes putting excessive loads on the body. Excessive loads can place undue stress on the tissues and the muscles up to a point that can cause severe injury to a person.

Improper technique is another extrinsic risk factor of injury. People who follow a certain exercise regimen but using improper techniques may be at risk of suffering from injuries.

Inappropriate equipment may also be considered as an extrinsic risk factor for injury. Bad conditioning of the body prior to physical exertion and exercise is also considered as an extrinsic risk factor causing injuries.

Injury Treatment

There are different ways of treating injuries depending on the condition of the affected body part. Minor injuries may cause not more than a little stiffness or soreness in a particular area of the body. Sometimes rest is all that is needed to treat such types of injuries.

For more serious injuries, other types of treatment are available. Such injuries are usually characterized by swelling, tenderness as well as increased temperature on the affected area.

Treatment for such injuries would include the use of ice or anti-inflammatory drugs to minimize the swelling, compression, elevation as well as restriction to avoid aggravating the injury.

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