Weight Training: The Five R One N Principals

weight trainingAs important as weight training is for any athlete knowing the five R one N principal is also important. What are the five R one N principals?

Range of motion: what this means if the targeted muscle group and joints complete movement capability, from the full stretched position to the full contracted position. This is why flexibility is important.   

Resistance: The resistance is the weight put against the muscle and this weight must be light enough to perform the exercise with a full range of motion with out cheating but using body momentum, but also heavy enough that the muscle group is being challenged enough for the desired development.

Repetition and sets: This is the number of times the extensive is being done. This number is going to very from person to person depending on the results each individual is looking for and their ability to perform.

Rest: Rest may very as well depending on the athlete or individual. Adequate rest is needed in between sets for the depleted Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) and Phosphocreatine (PC) (ATP, PC is your muscles energy) to reenergize its self. This could take from 2 to 4 min. Most people don’t wait this long and muscle will still function but not at 100%. 

Recovery: The last R is very important because with out enough recovery time the muscles will eventually reach a pint of fatigue become over trained. For the most part a muscle group should not be trained two days in a row and no more then 3 time a week. 

N stands for Nutrition: With proper nutrition exercising can be maximize to its full potential. Everyone sweats regardless of sport and that sweat has vitamins and minerals that the body is using up. If those minerals are not being replenished then the body starts to break down in many way and this is the number one cause of injuries today in our athletes. Most sport drinks only have about 2 or 3 minerals in them and there are 90 essential mineral the human body needs. This is why it is said that exercise without nutrition is suicide.

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