The Perfect Six Pack Method

man six packIn improving your six-pack abs, it does not depend only on workouts or maintaining a daily regimen. Indeed, you have to put a lot of dedication to it as well as an ample amount of time and hard work. If you can allot one day to get rid of that flab, then there will be a chance that you will see your six-pack.

All you have to do is stay focused on the activities that you have to commit yourself on doing. You should be aware that to give yourself enough rest, like a week or so, will not help. Below are five ways on how to keep your abs and yourself fit.

As soon as you wake up, drink water

It has been a rule that, for a day, you have to drink at least a gallon of water. But at the moment you start your day, drink at least six ounces of water. That is, at the time you wake up. It is discovered that it not only promotes the growth of muscle cells, it also boosts your metabolism.

Eating breakfast daily

It has been found out that men who skip meals are almost five times more likely to have paunch bellies. So it is recommended that you eat a meal that contains 250 to 500 calories every morning.  

Always aim your sights at your goals

Your diet should always go along with your goals. Scientifically, it has been proven that the more goal-oriented you are when it comes to your routine you are more likely to fulfill the objectives you have set in having a healthy body and chiseled abs.

So as for your lunch, you may have one fruit of your choice, a lunch that contains 500 calories and perhaps a glass of milk. This regimen for lunch will prevent you from overeating and provide you with enough nutrients to continue with your workout.

Exercising right away

Since everyone already has a six-pack, all that you need to do is do exercises that will burn your fat. One way to do that is to go for the dumbbells. According to research, lifting weights is the same as running for a mile for over 6 minutes. It also boosts an individual’s metabolism.

If you want better results, you can workout for about 3 days in a week. After every session, provide a day that will serve as your resting day. For the in-between days, you can do interval-training sessions. That way you will stay fit.

Sleeping early at night

Having not enough sleep robs your body of its ability to burn lipids. The less hours you sleep, the more chances of developing fat around your belly.

For you to prevent yourself from having some additional snoozes make a review of the important things you have to do the following day. This way, you will have a set of priorities to accomplish more important than sleeping.


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