Super Slow Strength Training

Super Slow Strength Training

Strength training should an integral part on any fitness routine. Strength training builds muscle which helps you become stronger, boost your metabolism, and improve your over-all health and fitness.

What is super slow strength training?

Super slow strength training is a technique that requires you to lift a lower a weight more slowly – about 10 seconds to lift the weight and another 10 to lower it – than you normally would. The goal is to limit momentum and force your muscles to work harder to lift the weight.

Effectiveness of super slow strength training

Though super slow strength training forces the muscles to work harder, studies have not shown it to be more effective than other forms of strength training.

But you could use it to add variety to your routine. At some point, you reach a plateau when you do the same routine over and over again. The same thing is true for muscles. Super slow strength training may help you avoid reaching a plateau in your strength training routine because it works your muscles in a new and different way.

If you want to try super slow strength training, begin with the regular strength training exercise, and then eventually include it in your routine. Do not forget to practice proper form and technique when you train.

Source: MayoClinic

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