Lower Back Exercises


It isn’t any surprise that women are into beautifying themselves. If it’s not putting on makeup, it’s exercising to trim one’s midsection flab’s to the point of death. However, one of the things that a woman cares about is how she looks from behind. More than that, it’s how her behind looks. Here are some tips on how to exercise one’s gluteal muscles.

Back Lunge

The person should stand with feet hip-width apart. Then, while holding manageable weights in both hands, do a lunge to the back with your left leg. Then as you step back, be conscious of stepping only with the ball of your foot. This means that the heel will at all times be kept raised.

Then lower your front knee until the knee in front of you is already 90 degrees. It’s important to notice that you should keep your knee vertically aligned with your ankles and be mindful that they should not go beyond your toes.

Whenever you exhale, return the leg that you moved to the front and keep both legs straight whenever you are returning to your standing position.

You can make the exercise even more challenging by placing your front foot just above a low step and then put the other foot about a step away from the edge of the aforementioned step. Bend down to sit really low by bending both knees.

Then try to come up from that bended position by squeezing the gluteal muscles of the leg in front of you. Then bring the back leg up to the front foot and alternate movements between the two legs.


Start with your feet should-width apart with your feet pointing directly in front of you and your hands on your hips. In order to squat, lower down your hips and imagine pushing your butt out from behind you as you stretch your back straight at a slightly forward diagonal angle.

From this position, keep lowering your hips until your knees are already 90 degrees. It is important as well that your knees are simply just above your ankles not your toes.

Then from that squatted position, squeeze your butt in order to be able stand up. Try to do a couple of sets with 15 reps each.

In order to progress with this exercise, you could try holding a manageable weight on each hand. Then try to hang your arms by your side. This could be better if you start with fewer reps and then work your way up to three sets of 12 reps each.


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