How to Get Six Pack Abs

Six Pack AbsIn achieving that lean and sexy body, you should put your focus most on the core muscles, which mainly consists of your abdominals.  We have concocted a neat and easy-to-do exercise routines that you should follow so you are one step further in getting that lean and cut physique. Do not worry if you do not have the time or the access to the gym, as we provide some alternative routines that you can do in your home.

Aside from the good ol’ fashioned sit-ups, which you should do with lesser reps than what you’re used to, perform these exercises every other day.

At the Gym:

Hanging Leg Raise – Grab hold of a pull-up bar. Once you have a good grasp, slowly bring your knees up to your chest, and then lower them back down. The slower and more controlled the movement, the greater the benefit. Do 15 to 25 repetitions before proceeding to the next exercise.

Standing Cable Oblique – Get on the cable crossover machine. With your arms straight, hold the handle in front of your chest. While looking straight ahead, contract your abdominals and slowly turn your torso to the right, making sure not to pull with your arms, but to feel the work in your obliques. Do 15 to 25 repetitions before releasing and repeat the routine on the opposite side. Rest for up to a minute before going back to hanging leg raise.

At Home:

Hanging leg raise – Put two chairs back-to-back to each other, with ample distance in between where you place yourself. Make sure that both of them are sturdy, or have two companions sit on them. Keep your back flat and your lower back supported with your contracted abs. Once you have a good grip, slowly bring your knees up, and lower them back down but not on a full extension. Do 15 to 25 repetitions before proceeding to the next exercise.

Trunk twist – Stand with feet at about shoulder width and holding a bar or broomstick behind your neck and across your shoulders. Then, twist your waist to the right as your body as far as you can get them. Hold for a second before going back to your starting position. Keep your hips as still as possible, while letting your upper body do the work. Refrain from wildly swinging from side-to-side. Repeat 15 to 25 times before going back to hanging leg raise.


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