How to Build Big Biceps

man bicepsFor many men, biceps are a source of power. The larger their biceps are, the more they feel empowered. This is especially true when people start hitting the beach for summer. That’s why it’s not surprising to see many men spending countless of hours in the gym just to make their biceps worthy of praise.

Bicep workouts not only help your overall looks good, but are also good to stay fit and healthy. If you’re interested in building a set of nice biceps, read on to know some simple but useful bicep workout tips.

Alternate curl

Alternate curl is a good exercise for building muscles in quick time. The muscles involved in this workout are Biceps Brachii. To maximize the effect, you should keep your back straight and hold your trunk tight. Be careful not to swing your body when assisting the action. Raise the dumbbell and flex your arm as far as possible and lower it so that your arm is almost fully extended. After performing this workout, you should rest to allow your muscles to build up.

Dumbbell twist

Of course, big upper biceps are great, but they would look terrible without a good set of lower biceps to go with them. No matter how nice your upper biceps might be, if the bulk doesn’t swell down to the elbow, you’ll look as if you have only half an upper arm. To build your lower biceps, you need the dumbbell twist workout.

Have the dumbbell twist slightly counterclockwise at the bottom in a way that your palm faces somewhat downward. Then curl by twisting the dumbbell clockwise. Then get a further crimp for a peak contraction at the top. Press your elbows firmly against your sides and keep your back straight. Don’t lean or rock. Make every repetition slow for the entire range of motion to be effective.

One-arm preacher curl

The one-arm preacher curl is an isolating movement because it focuses stress on the peak, adding to fullness at the lower part of the muscle. Many fitness experts consider it as a good movement to enhance overall size. Here’s how to do it: Using a typical preacher bench, hold the dumbbell with an underhand grip and lock your elbow tightly in an extended position. Then curl the dumbbell up slowly and try to touch the shoulder of the arm you’re working on.

Incline dumbbell curl

The incline dumbbell curl workout is another good mass builder, allowing you to have a full range of motion as you get a maximal stretch at the bottom. To perform this workout, have your back on an incline bench and hold two dumbbells with your arms extended back and down. Then with both hands, curl the dumbbells up and out. Make sure that you turn your wrists as you raise the weights. Slowly return to your start position.

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