Doing The Perfect Push Up

push upDoing the perfect push-up is needed to ensure of proper body development through exercise. Doing push-ups is probably one of the simplest yet also one of the most effective body conditioning exercises available.

It makes use of one’s body weight along with gravity to tone and build muscles. It doesn’t require any equipment but can work up different parts of the body at the same time. The only thing to consider is on how to properly do the right push-ups.

The push-up is considered as the perfect workout by many fitness experts because it is able to condition the muscles on different parts of the body. Many people think that push-ups only work out the muscles on the chest and the arms.

Doing push-ups requires the body to be suspended from the toes up. This, in effect engages all the other muscles in the body, not just the arms and the chest area.

The Basic Push-Up

There are now many variations to the push-up. But the basic principle remains the same. The body is suspended from the floor by the toes and the arms.

The muscles on the upper back, shoulders and arms are then engaged to lower the suspended body weight down closer to the floor and then bring it back up. Although it may sound so simple to do, some people still try to do push-ups the wrong way

Basic Push-Up Mistakes

One of the basic mistakes that people make when doing push-up is by taking some of the weight load off their arms when lifting. This happens when people use their butt or the bending the lower half of the body to lift it up. This would not provide the full benefits of doing push-ups.

Another mistake that people make when doing push-ups is resting their body on the floor after going down. This would not provide the proper resistance that may help condition the muscles.

The Perfect Push-Up

The right way to do push-ups is to have the body in alignment when lifting it with the arms in one, steady motion and lowering it down again the similar way.

Avoid bending the body with the butt going up first since this will reduce the body weight on your arms, giving it less weight to hold.

It is important to keep the body in a straight line from the head down to the ankles when in the lifted position. Resting the chest on the floor when going down should also be avoided. The chest should come about two to three inches above the floor before going up again.

For those who might find it hard lifting their whole body weight with their arms during push-ups, there is a variation to this that would be helpful. The knees can be used instead of the toes as the point where the arms lift the body.

The head and the torso should still be kept in proper alignment. Doing push-ups by engaging the knees would help reduce the lifting weight by half.


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