Starting a Walking Club

walking clubAccording to Patrick Foose of Dayton Daily News, “Walking is the fat-burning, muscle-building, knee-preserving, do-it-anywhere, costs-almost-nothing perfect exercise.” It directs you to a healthy lifestyle and will also aid in helping you appreciate your surroundings better.

Walking alone in the sunny streets or the greenery might give you the fulfillment of having your personal space and solemnity but you can’t deny the boredom it might bring you in the long run. Why not consider walking in groups, probably with family, friends and neighbors in the community? Who knows, maybe you would end up meeting new friends in this newfound lifestyle?

Consider this: walking with company is safer than walking alone, dissolves boredom as it is fun and motivating, gives you a chance to socialize and above all, increases your commitment to your walking routine. Starting a walking club isn’t daunting as you might think, all you need is to performs the following key points to keep the whole mood starting.

Make sure that the community is aware that you are planning to form a walking club. Of course, you need people, so don’t be ashamed to advertise. Post fliers in any valid locations in your area such as recreation center, cafeteris, bulletin boards and places of worship. Local newspapers or newsletters sometimes offer free calendar listings, so take advantage of it. Dont’ forget to indicate your contact details in your advertisements so that people may contact you.

When people started responding to your advertisement, then it’s time for you to hold a meeting. Listen to the group’s requests and suggestions and decide together like how many times a week the group will walk, where to walk and what time you will meet.

Decide on some important guidelines with regards to unexpected events such as rains and snow falls and discuss freely on different rules that will make the whole activity effective and successful. Some of these points include the use of cellphones and audio players during the whole walk, and the duration of regular meetings in the future.

Now that the group is finally formed, then make sure that it will be organized up to the time being. Some simple things like giving a name for the group, electing officers and dealing on after-walking recreations are good deeds to make the whole club bonded.

Keep the whole group motivated. This can be most effectively done during regular meetings. Invite local speakers to talk about fitness and healthy eating, set weight loss goals and share different success stories. Talk about how walking has improved your life and encourage interested members and welcome new walkers. Stay committed and this walking club wiil reap a lot of benefits not only to the body but also the heart and mind as well.


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