Running versus Walking

runningThe debate of which is beneficially better between running and walking is not as heated as the one going on between the evolutionist and creationist theories, but discussion has been interesting. As a midpoint, you adapt which form of physical exertion works for you and which between the two you are more comfortable doing. Here are the points coming from both sides.

Running’s best argument is that it gives the bigger bang by the buck due to the more physical force one exerts. With the effort, running effectively burns more calories. The burst of speed also works the conditioning of your cardio. The downside with running is that all that force tolls heavily on the joints, putting yourself at risk with injuries.

The plus point with walking is that it is nearly as effective with less strain. However, to achieve the same calorie-burning result, one has to do more. The paced method of walking though gives the metabolism in your body time to switch from burning carbohydrates to burning fat. This being said, walking works better for physical maintenance and weight management.

According to the opinion of an expert, walking correctly would give one as much aerobic benefit as with running, but results would only show if one is dedicated and consistent in keeping and maintaining his program. Regular brisk walking is said to lower blood pressure, lower the risk of osteoporosis, cancer, and heart disease, and improve one’s overall feeling and mood.

For those who prefer a more strenuous workout, pacing yourself could help you optimize your body for running. Start off acclimatizing the body by walking for a distance with a certain time limit in mind. Once the body gets used to the exertion, do some brisk walking to improve cardio performance.

After that, put in some short sprints into the routine until it comes to the point where there is more running than walking. Of course, you have reached the optimum when you could run the whole course with relative ease.

Most experts agree that there is no exercise better than the other. Choosing running or walking would depend on the physical makeup of the person and her actual preference and objectives.


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