Running During The Cold Weather

winter runningDid you know that running in the snow helps keep you in shape? While you are inside your house waiting for spring to come, you can start your own winter exercise by running. Otherwise, the fats may just build up whether you like it or not.

Getting yourself motivated

Invite someone to run along with you, but make it a point that it’s a date. There will be no room for getting discouraged if you are going to meet someone. You can also join a local marathon club and start running whether the weather’s down at 17 degrees Fahrenheit or as low as -40 degrees Fahrenheit, just like in Canada. You can also enjoy running at night with light snowfall. Getting exercise while experiencing the most peaceful things at night may also help.

Protect your feet from the cold

Shoes with Gore-Tex is advisable. Socks that will make your feet warm and the wetness away from your toes and soles will be the best wardrobe for your feet. Or you may opt for a pair of SmartWool socks so that you may be protected from itchiness.

Getting Dressed

If you want to stay warm and not get chilly from perspiration, wear clothes that you would wear if it’s 20 degrees warmer. Apparels that take away the sweat and let out the heat are the appropriate clothes if you’re on this one. Below is a guide that will help you pick the right set apparel under the following weather conditions. Assume that you are wearing gloves, mittens and the right headgear.

For 30 degrees – Two tops and one bottom apparel. Long-sleeves at the base and a vest on top of it. Wear tights or shorts.

For 10 to 20 degrees – Two tops and two bottoms. Base layer clothing, a jacket on top of it. Wind pants over tights.

For zero to 10 degrees – Three tops and two bottoms. For those who are prone to chill, wear a fleece over the base apparel and a jacket. Wind pants reinforced with tights.

For minus 10 to 0 degrees – Three tops and two bottoms. Add it up with a pair of mittens (extra) and one scarf to cover mouth or a balaclava.

For 20 degrees – Three tops and three bottoms. Combine with an extra pair of mittens, a balaclava or sunglasses.

Let yourself be seen

Since snow allows limited daylight, stumbling in the dark is more likely to happen since there could be tall snowbanks out there. You can wear reflective clothes, the ones that are fluorescent. You can either carry a headlamp or a flashlight.

Warm yourself up with a pre-run

You can do warm-ups inside your house–just enough action to get your blood pumping. You can do jump ropes or run up and down the stairs. That’s even better than chatting around in the cold before doing your laps.

Running with or into the wind

You may begin your run against the wind then finish it off by running with it. You can cut your running by dividing it into segments of 10 minutes. Run with the wind for five minutes and run against it for five minutes. You may seek under shelters if the wind gets fiercer. Use BodyGlide on your nose to prevent frostbites or just use Vaseline.

Do not mind the speed

Running in winter is not all about speed. It is also about the distance you have covered. You may run two times a day if you cannot run when the temperature is in its warmest just like in the mornings. An example is running two miles in the morning and two miles in the evening, which is much better than four miles in one session where you might end up frozen.

Changing clothes in a post-run

When you stop running, your body temperature drops. You can prevent getting chills by changing your clothes from head to toe. Women may have to change wet sports bras as quickly as possible. Wear a dry hat if your hair gets wet. It is also recommended that you drink something warm to keep your body temperature at its normal.

Dealing with the rain

There are runners who brave the rain despite the quantity of rainfall their state experiences every year. Just prepare an extra gear or two, like a pair of spare sneakers, running apparel or towels. If you have your sneakers wet, put some newspapers in them. The paper will suck up the moisture in it.

Go for places that have warm winters

Florida has seven marathons every February. This is ideal for runners because they get to run and get that close-to-home feeling. Moderate temperatures are experienced during winter time in these areas. There are also similar events in California and Arizona which you can check out.

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