Knowing The Running Safety Rules

jogging Running is not without its share of injuries if not done correctly. Something may happen to a runner not wearing the proper shoes. Accidents may happen to runners not taking caution of where they are going. Even though running can become everyone’s favorite free time activity, not taking precautions can usually lead to injury and accidents. One can easily avoid all these by following these tips:

Always Be Aware of Your Surroundings

Running can be an adventure since it can take you to a lot of different places. There’s always some excitement in trying to find a different route to follow on different days. But that exciting sense of adventure can also have a downside.

On a regular running route, you may suddenly take a turn that will bring you into a place that may compromise your safety. You may suddenly find yourself amidst a hostile environment or a dark and seemingly deserted alley where hidden dangers may just be lurking around the corner.

Always try to be aware of where you are heading when you do your daily run. It can be a good idea to plan your running route along populated areas so that you may not suddenly be finding yourself in a potentially dangerous situation. If you want to try a different route, it would be wise for you to check it out before you intend to make it as a running route. Check it out first if it is safe enough and that the conditions are ideal for a cautious runner like you.

Bring Safety Essentials

When planning your run for the next day, it would be wise to have a checklist handy of things that you will be bringing with you. These things may be relatively common but you should always make sure that you will be bringing the following essentials with you on your every run:

Identification– it is wise to carry with you an ID card or any other piece of identification that can be very useful if you find yourself injured or a part of an accident. This will help people to easily identify you in case they find you unconscious. A good piece of identification can be a piece of paper with your name, address, and/or contact number and person. You can also state any medical condition that you have to alert medical personnel.

Cell Phone– most people today carry around their cell phones wherever they go and it has become a dailyhabit for some. You must also do the same while doing your regular running route. This would especially become useful when you do your runs alone or in an unpopulated area. With a cell phone, you always have a means to contact a friend or a family member if you involve in an accident or a life-threatening situation.

Money– keep a few coins in your being in case you may need it to call someone on an emergency. You may also need money to buy a quick drink for fluid replenishment in case you run out of water.

And above all, always try to bring with you your common sense when you go out running. When you find a certain area in your route dangerous when running alone, try bringing a running partner to accompany you. If you feel that there’s a storm brewing, it would be better for you not to venture out. Think about what you are doing and make sure that you have everything well-planned out. Doing so will ensure your safety and well-being.

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