How Do i Prepare for a Marathon

MarathonThe tips listed could come in handy not only for professional athletes but also for novice runners who want to pursue the long run. Finishing the 26.2 miles dream is a triumph of the will, so one must always be equipped with persistence, patience and positive thinking to reach it, aside from the physical strength, good training and sheer determination. Below is a rundown of the things that one should always remember to reach that goal:

Train the Mind First

As mentioned above, finishing a marathon is a matter of will so it is important to get focused on success rather on various discomforts. Remember that even a runner with excellent training can psych himself or herself out finishing the race.

A group of friends (or fans) who will offer moral support can really help to boost one’s psyche. It is also advisable that someone close to the runner, like spouse, friends or kids, would be present because it would help. This tip shall carry through all throughout the course of the training, even in the raise itself.

Check Out Those Shoes

Always buy shoes that are designed to fit your arch type and compensate the weaknesses of your foot. The ideal shoe for marathon running are racing flats which are lightweight and with less cushioning than other shoes.


Before engaging yourself in the training, make sure to get checked by a physician to make sure if your physical condition allows you to run for a marathon.

The training can take as long as 24 weeks, for those who can run 6 miles without difficulty. Those who are not really accustomed to this might need 9 months of training, running 4 miles 5-6 times a week before beginning an 18 week program.

Most programs require the runner to begin with one long run which is 8-12 miles, followed by a day off and five days of short runs (4-5 miles). LOng runs probably take 3.5 hours. Don’t try to run the long runs too fast.

A Week Before the Marathon

It’s important to take thing easily and not push your body to the limits. Rest and only a little runs can do.

Take a lot of sleep.

Try not to take alcoholic drinks at all.

Don’t be alarmed if you feel sick or tired because it’s normal. It would magically disappears the day before the race.

Drive the course of the marathon to get familiarized.

Hours Before the Marathon

It’s important that you have enough sleep the night before the race.

Get up early.

Drink plenty of water.

It’s also normal to urinate much, so don’t over think about it.

Allow yourself to be nervous.

Dress warm and just discard them when you don’t need them.


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