Health Benefits of Triathlon

triathlon benefitsIf you’re tired of running on a treadmill, swimming on a pool, or sweating it out on an stationary bike and want to further push your limit, try triathlon. With the right condition, doing triathlon an make you fitter, stronger, and faster than ever. Triathlon gives you the chance to commune with the world again, outside the confines of your home or gym. Triathlon brings a lot of physical benefits, the major reason for its increasing popularity in many countries around the world.

3-in-1 sports

Triathlon is a sports where athletes to swim, bike, and run over various distances. It is thus an endurance sports that requires proficiency in all three sports: swimming, cycling, and running. If you are very good in one sports and so-so in the other two, then it is not enough to give you a competitive time.

Before trying a triathlon, you have to undergo training first to prepare your mind and body for this mentally and physically strenuous sports. Trained triathletes (triathlon athletes) race each stage in such a manner that preserves their endurance and energy for subsequent stages.

How it works?

Triathlon events start with the swimming leg. In this leg, triathletes swim around a series of buoys and exit the water upon completion. They then race to the transition area and try to change into their cycling gear as fast as possible.

The racers bike around a marked course, and when they finish the leg, they proceed to the transition area to wear their running shoes. The running stage is usually held on public roads. In most triathlon events, triathletes are provided energy drinks and water as they pass by "aid stations".

Health benefits

One of the major physical benefits of triathlon is that it can make you extraordinarily fit. Because swimming, cycling, and running are all endurance sports, almost all of training in becoming a triathlete is cardiovascular workout. Moreover, since triathletes have to train for three different sports disciplines, they tend to develop a more balanced whole-body musculature than pure runners or cyclists, whose workout accentuates only subsets of their musculature.

Your energy and endurance level will increase once you begin your training. But is very important that you follow the training program properly, keeping it at your own level. As the training goes on, you will feel and even look years younger.

Triathletes have great physiques, largely because their workout complements their body in a number of ways. Swimming helps to make your upper body well sculpted, cycling helps in toning your lower body, and running helps in developing lean muscles. Notice that most triathletes 50 years old or older look years younger than they really are.

You can live a healthier and longer life by doing triathlon. Many studies have shown that regular exercise can prevent heart disease and cancer, lower blood pressure, reduce your risk of getting diabetes, and prevent you from having osteoporosis. In addition, triathlon training can also enrich your body, giving you a longer and healthier life.


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