Wii Daisy Fuentes Pilates

Last year, Nintendo released Wii Fit – a system that has been loaded with exercise games that simulate everything from boxing to snowboarding – yes it comes complete with the Wii Balance Board to enable you to do that, right in the comfort of your own living room. The most popular exercise among working men and women however, was totally ignored.

Until now. Wii has enlisted the help of model Daisy Fuentes to demonstrate the proper Pilates form.

With its 10 core-strengthening exercises, Digital Daisy promises to "tone, strengthen and transform your body."


First and foremost, you have to give props to Nintendo for the lovely beach resort background where you’ll be performing the 10 core-strengthening exercises – or at least Digital Daisy will, you on the other hand will enjoy viewing it from your comfy living room. You can actually access all 10 locales from the "Workout Center" menu – perhaps the creators want you to enjoy varying backgrounds.

The digital Daisy Fuentes will work with your through the whole routine – 5 of which are pre-set, and 5 are customizable.

Another advantage of this game is that you won’t have to sign p for a gym membership, nor do you have to follow a rigid diet plan – just you and a workout game in the privacy of your own home.


According to die-hard yoga practitioners, the moves themselves are toned-down versions of actual Pilates workouts. The product overview claims that the routines are meant to target beginners, and that there is "plenty of space" for exercisers to progress to more challenging levels. However, Pilates experts are very disappointed in the contents of the DVD, saying that the moves are too simple to be even called basic.

Supposedly, there are fitness tips from Daisy Fuentes to keep exercisers motivated, but according to fitness buffs who have already seen the game, the tips are nothing that you do not already know.

Lastly, the game promised an "inclusive" exercise experience, but without the Wii Balance Board, you are limited to 3-4 exercises. So much for inclusive.

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