Workout Mistakes to Avoid

workout mistakesMore people are trying to get healthy and fit. However, there are instances when you don’t get optimal results even if you have been killing yourself for weeks or even months in the gym.

Workout mistakes are common especially for beginners. However, long-time gym goers also commit workout errors. Listed below is what the American Council rate as the most common workout mistakes exercise buffs make:


A busy schedule doesn’t mean you have to skip your daily routine. Studies found that even 10 minutes of exercise can provide significant health benefits. A little exercise adds up over time.

Unbalanced strength training programs

When they go to the gym, people tend to focus on working specific body parts and/or muscles like their abs or biceps. However, it is important to work the entire body to achieve balance and health.

Poor Technique or Form

Another common work out mistake is using incorrect forms or techniques that can possibly lead to injury. For example, you might use your momentum improperly to lift heavy weights. It is advisable to invest in a few sessions with a certified personal trainer to produce optimal results.

Inconsistent Progression

A common workout mistake is working out inconsistently or making inconsistent routine changes. The key to achieving optimal results while avoiding injury is gradual and consistent progression.

Lack of Cross-Training

People tend to stick to a exercise routine and never change it. Doing the same workout week after week will lose its effectiveness and you will not progress in your fitness endeavor. Avoiding other exercise routines might also lead to boredom and injury.

Incorrect machine set-up

Workout machines are designed to be adjusted to fit a variety of users. An incorrectly adjusted machine can lead to injuries. Make sure your equipment is adjusted to suit you. If you don’t know how to do it, just ask a gym personnel.

Skipping the warm-up

Doing your workout routine without warming up is another exercise blunder. Your body’s temperature and heart rate has to increase before you start doing your (probably demanding) workout routine. Doing warm-ups has been shown to decrease the chances of injury.

Poor gym etiquette

On the surface, it may not seem a workout mistake, but your poor gym etiquette can put off another gym goer’s mood. It may even cause injury.

For instance, rudeness like hogging gym equipment and body odor are extremely unpleasant to other gym goers. Not wiping your sweat off gym equipment may cause other users to slip and be injured. Remember to be considerate to others.

Poor goal setting

Unrealistic goals can lead people to feel hopeless and cause them to drop exercising entirely. Establish a goal that is realistic, specific and appropriate to your fitness and exercise skill levels.

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