Joining a Spin Class

spinning classThe stationary bike has been an iconic equipment when it comes to losing weight.  But nowadays, this gym equipment has been raised to another level with the introduction of Spinning.

It is not a new brand of stationary bikes, but a type of group gym class wherein a group of people ride on the bikes in a room led by a certified Spinning instructor who motivates his students by encouragement and other activities such as karaoke singing.  The class also performs routines that would simulate riding on different terrains such as hill climbs and sprints.

If you have curious about Spinning but needs a little push to pursue it, here are some of the best benefits that you can have from taking Spinning classes.

Spinning burns more calories

Riding a stationary bike alone can do wonders on your heart rate and calorie burning, but it can be boring in the long run.  Joining a Spinning class gets you motivated and push yourself further into riding more and at a faster pace, thus giving you a better workout.

Spinning is easy on your joints

Being a low-impact cardio exercise, Spinning gives your knees and ankles a break.  Compare it to running a treadmill that while you are burning calories, your knees and ankles get jolted with immense shock on each step especially among overweight people.  Spinning gives you that same result, even more, without the pain you feel on your joints.

Spinning classes do not intimidate you

Many beginners tend to shy away from the gym after just a few sessions because they feel intimidated with the athletic people around them.  A usual Spinning class puts people of different ages and fitness levels in one room, with your instructor leading you as the class’s friendly guide.  Although the instructor tells you the routine as well as the pace, you have to realize that you are still in control on how much resistance to add, how fast you should pedal, and how hard to work.

Enjoy biking in the comfort of indoors

Many people love to ride a bike, but do not like the hassles of biking around in traffic.  Spinning gives you the same cardio workout you get in riding a bike without the uneasiness of going through a high-traffic area that can be unfriendly to bikers.

With all these benefits you get from Spinning, it is not surprising why more and more people are into it.  So why not put on your cycling shoes and take a class on your local gym?  Start your weight loss goal with Spinning today!

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