How Stick To Your Gym Routine

gym routineDon’t let traveling keep you from doing your fitness routine. Here are some simple tips which will help you stick to your regular workout, even when you’re on a trip.

Fitting in an exercise regimen with travel schedules can be difficult. But despite hours of travel in between meetings and more meetings, it is actually possible to find time to exercise.

Pack for fitness

When planning, know beforehand what facilities will be available at your destination. That way, you can bring the rest, such as:

  • Athletic shoes
  • Exercise clothing
  • Swimsuit
  • Jump-rope
  • Resistance tubing
  • Tennis racket
  • Music and headphones
  • Exercise video or DVD

You can also inquire at your hotel regarding their exercise facilities, as well as renting a bicycle or in-line skates.

Start right away

Wear your walking shoes when you travel. If you are waiting for your flight at the airport, store your hand-carry baggage in a locker and use that waiting period to walk briskly throughout the terminal. Increase your heart rate by pumping your arms. During the actual flight, get up once an hour to stretch and walk in the cabin.

If you’re taking the train, walk through the cars. Treat every train stop as an opportunity to walk outdoors, while the other passenger board or get off.

If you are driving, take frequent breaks to stand up and stretch. Short walks at stop-overs or rest areas can do wonders to boost your mood and energy.

Check out the facilities

Upon arrival, scout out the fitness facilities, or nearby health club, and schedule your workouts. If you find your options limited, don’t hesitate to get creative:

  • Use the halls. Walk up and down the hotel halls, or Better yet, climb the stairs between hallway laps.
  • Get wet. Swim laps in the hotel pool.
  • Skip rope. Use a jump-rope in the hotel’s fitness room or at the edge of the parking area.
  • Do jumping jacks. Try a few sets right in your room.
  • March in place. Pump your arms to increase your calorie-burning power.
  • Try aerobics. Follow an aerobics program on TV, or play an exercise video or DVD from home.
  • Use resistance tubing. These stretchy tubes offer weight-like resistance when you pull on them. You can use resistance tubing to build strength in nearly any muscle group.
  • Take advantage of your own body weight. Try push-ups, abdominal crunches and leg squats.
  • Stick to your routine
  • Try to exercise at the same time as you normally do when you’re at home. Maintaining your normal routine can help you adjust to time changes and the stress of business travel.

If, however, you find yourself exhausted by jetlag or schedule shifts, you should shorten or lighten you workout session. It’s okay to take it easy once in a while. Just keep in mind that regular exercise is energizing, and it may be just what you need to get down to business.

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