Home Gym by Bodylastics

bodylasticsYour television has been showing countless ads on home gym equipments and most of them cost a fortune.  With the hard-up economy, how can you be able to trim down that body fast and efficient without having to break bank?

The gist

Bodylastics is a home gym system that weighs only about two pounds yet it is able to provide a full workout on all key muscle groups.  It uses strong elastic bands that you pull and stretch to achieve the body you want. 

Its tension power can accomplish similar results as you would while using free weights.  Your order of Bodylastics comes with a complete set of elastics and guided instructions.  You can also order the VHS or DVDs for a more detailed training session.

Advantages and disadvantages

The best thing about Bodylastics is that it costs a fraction of bulky home gym equipments that also rely on tension such as Bowflex.  The Basic Tension package costs US$39.95, while you can also purchase individual elastics at about US$9 each.  And unlike other exercise equipment, using Bodylastics is smooth and flexible.  It does not jerk, which could affect your performance.

However, like any other product, it does have its flaws.  People who are allergic to latex should be concerned about purchasing Bodylastics.  Also, although this is a little concern, its official website is too long to read.

Overall, the Bodylastics system can deliver what it promises:  being able to work your major muscles without the bulk of other exercise equipment and without the financial strain of gym membership.

Image Source: Bodylastics

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